Best Positions For Sex During Pregnancy

It is obvious that you spend more of your time thinking about your baby during pregnancy. Besides, what many pregnant women want to know is concerning having sex when pregnant. Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy? Yes, it is safe. Which safe sex positions will you use pregnancy. Below are the best sex positions to use when pregnant.

Classic missionary

Classic missionary is perfect for the first, second and third trimester. But it depends on how comfortable you are with it. It is good as it allows you to lie back and relax. Also lying face-to-face makes the experience very intimate and partners can touch while having sex. However, if you lie on your back for a long time you will feel dizzy.


Spooning is perfect for the first, second and third trimester. You can use a pillow to support your bump and roll over a bit on to your front; this makes it easier for your partner to enter. This position is good because the hands of your partner are free hence he can touch and stimulate your clitoris when having sex. However, penetration is shallow in this position.

Woman on top

This sex position is ideal for all the three trimesters. The woman can lean forward and hold onto the back of the bed for more support and bounce control. This sex position is good for many women as it doesn’t require you to open your legs too wide to manage it. In additions your partner can touch and stimulate both your breasts and clitoris while having sex.

Doggy style

This sex position is ideal for all the three trimesters but more useful for the third trimester. It is good for taking the pressure off your pelvis and back and is great if you have pelvic or back pain. You partner can touch and stimulate your clitoris while having sex. Penetration in this position is deep so you should tell your partner if you feel quite uncomfortable.


Suitable for: First trimester and second trimester.

It is ideal for the first and second trimesters. It is good, lying face-to-face feels really loving and intimate. You are able to maintain eye contact, cuddle, and kiss while having sex. In this position penetration is quite shallow.

The above are the best sex positions during pregnancy. They make sex to be more easy and comfortable during pregnancy. in addition, they ensure that the baby is safe and protected during sex.

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