The most beautiful girl in my life – London escorts

Always loved the idea of traveling the world with a loved one someday, if I have the financial freedom of a billionaire. Acquire a private jet to go to Greece to Japan in just twenty-four hours, go to New York to Mexico in no time. Dating celebrity that I could never have. Drink wine with Kate Beckinsale. Fantasy of a child full of hopes and aspiration.  But we all live in a reality that some dream never come true.  I still believe that this will happen somehow. Working in London which had its lousy day. It’s still is a trendy area Many cafes. Many types of boutiques and is famous for the annual hill carnival.


There are also many beautiful escorts here at, but it will cost you a fortune. Booking London escort is not a new thing to me. I had done this several times in the past. After a while in doing this, meet a girl that would change my perspective on life. I had met her after booking in London escorts, and we just clicked. I loved her the day I saw that beautiful girl. She was very cool to me. Kindly introduce herself and asked me some question about myself. I talked about my problems and dreams in life. And she was listening to all time. After knowing each other, I ask if she can be my girlfriend and she didn’t hesitate to say yes. We have a lot of things in common. She is a big fan of west ham united. I loved soccer when I was i, child, it was one of my dreams! I was so pleased with here I saved for six months. Every penny I can spare. I begin by panning going on a trip with her to travel all across London.


We started at some high places that I had never been Manchester, travel across Sheffield, to London. Then go back to Salisbury. Salisbury was the best memories. She was hot and enthusiastic during the trip because she has never been to this places before. We stayed in Merthyr Tydfil for a few days and gone in Brecon beacons national part. Walking in those parts of the world in unbelievable, we experienced mountain biking, Horse riding sailing, and many activities while we were there it was surreal. I felt more in love with her. I think she feels the same way. Still wouldn’t ask her about what she will do after the trip because I was afraid of what she might answer. After we got back in London when I asked her if she can come with me again some other time she gladly said yes and was very pleased. I never thought my dreams with come true. Traveling to worlds most beautiful places with the most beautiful girl in my life was the best. I had a blast. Did not regret anything and wanted to do it again if I will be given a chance yet.

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