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A couple of weeks ago, Kim Kardashian showed off her less than attractive real rear end to the public, and the Internet almost went into meltdown. The girls here at Wokingham escorts laughed their stockings off, and I have to admit that it was funny. Like all of the other girls here at Wokingham escorts from, I must say that Kim’ rear end looked terrible.

It really goes to prove how fake things are when all is said and done. You never know what is real at all. A lot of stars claim that they have not had procedures done, but when you look at them, you soon appreciate that is not the case. Lots of girls at Wokingham escorts have things done and claim that they have not had things done. It is all silly and I think that many of my colleagues at Wokingham escorts should learn how to be more honest with each other. We are quick to complain about media stereotypes, but I am not sure that we are even being honest with each other.

Real women do have lovely bodies, but then again, you have to ask yourself what a real woman is. One real woman that I know that outside of Wokingham escorts have had surgery. She may only be a housewife, but she has saved up her money and had work done. Just like the girls here at the best Wokingham escorts, she had Botox and her lips done. Also, just like my colleagues at Wokingham escorts, she does not like telling other women about it. She just says that she has not had any work done at all.

Do I think that it is right that we carry on like this? I don’t think it is right at all, and I have told my friends at Wokingham escorts to own up about their nips and tucks. They are just as guilty as many of these so called celebs who are totally fake. I will confess to have had a Botox treatment and I am prepared to do other things as well. But unlike my Wokingham escorts colleagues, I am willing to talk about.

It does not really matter if you have had Botox or hired a personal trainer to get you into shape. What matters is if you feel good. I think that we are losing sight of that, and it is not a very good thing. We often undervalue ourselves as women, and think that we are not entitled to feel good. We all are entitled to feel good, but the women who do feel good, or think that they do, should not go around knocking women who can’t afford all of these extras. But then again, who would like to have a bum like Kim Kardashian. I tell you one thing. That bum looked like it was stuffed with shopping bags from Tesco, and not some fancy bun implant.

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