One of the dumbest decision I made is to cheat on my ex-girlfriend – Kensington Escort

It’s frustrating because I have let go the only one person who believes in me. Someone who loves me despite my flaws and imperfections in life. She brings out the best in me, and never abandoned me even her hectic schedule. She shows me that the world is beautiful and full of love. She gives positivity in my life. I was once a brat and no dream in life. I hated my family, and I want to take revenge on them by rebellion. My world is ugly and dark, but she brings light and beauty to it. She makes an effort just for me; even after I pushed her many times. She has a vast admiration for me, and so I took it for granted. In my thought, her love is big, and she can’t afford to leave me. She supports in my decisions in life even it’s not right, and when its wrong she is still there to raise me. During my darkest moments, she never had allies not to be with me, the text and call me first. She fetched me during my drinking sessions and was so drunk to drive. She is my support system and just the best woman. I never noticed all she did when I finally lose her, and that was my biggest mistake.

I grow up in a wealthy family, not for being proud but many women admired me. I am handsome and tall. I have money and a car. And so expected many women would chase me. But Janice is different; she loves me beyond that. She saw the sadness in my eyes, and she knows how lonely I am. I pretend to be strong, and happy outside, but I was so soft deep inside and spent my night crying. My parents hated me, and so my family. Telling me, I am a brat and no future. Every time I try to open up with them, they never listen and go away. I feel like no one wants me in the house. I find myself happy at clubs and friends, but during my darkest time, Janice is only with me. I make out of love to her, and tomorrow of that, she assumes that we are officially a couple. I continue what we have; she gives everything she can to me. Our three months went well; I did not notice that she slowly changes me into something better. I am not a negative person just like before, and began to have dreams in life. She is the only woman I trust. But she caught me in the act of kissing another woman, and she walks away crying. I tried to chase her, but she refused. I never contacted her since she cuts off all the contacts we have. The last time I heard with her she goes to London and become a Kensington Escort at She is happier in her life now, than be with me miserably.

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