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Sometimes, considering other people’s happiness than yours can be wrong. And this is because you have taught that person to be dependent on you and sometimes abused your kindness to the last level. Many people tried to manipulate and control our lives to make them feel empowered. They think that if they can control someone, his/her problems will be thrown at you and make a solution for him/her. And their happiness becomes your priority and disregard your own. You live a life of fear and follower for people; your life becomes miserable from time to time. You had to keep allowing them to torture and used you as much as they want. If you have not fought for your rights, they will continuously do it to you again and again. When they are used to it, in their eyes, you are just a pile of rubbish and useless in this world. They keep belittled you and degraded. They will push you down slowly without being noticed. Be careful with those people; there only want to see you down and messed. To find your happiness, you have to love yourself first and know your worth. Loving yourself helps you to look at what you want and do for your life. Remember that you have only one life, and do not waste into people who don’t value you.


My name is Kyra Tyler, and all my life I am a follower to everyone. My parents split up after three years I was born, and the story is my father cheats, and my mother leaves me to my aunt. Of all the years I am here, I never felt love or treated as relatives. They have made me slaves and a follower. My cousins bully me and hurt me physically. I never fight since I live with them. I have been watching my actions since a little mistake is equivalent to a punishment. I live my life with fears and afraid to try everything. They have sunk into my mind how rubbish I am and nothing deserves in the world. They loved to ashamed me publicly and degraded me so much since I never went to school. But it’s not a hindrance to stop dreaming, one time, I am exhausted to everything, I ran away and brought my clothes.


One night at the street, an agent of Holloway Escorts from discovered me. She offers me work and helps me to start my life again. I became a Cheap Holloway Escorts and realized how much time I wasted for other people. And now, I need to restore myself and know my worth. I am a valuable person and learned to love myself. I believe that happiness starts within yourself and I choose to become a Holloway Escorts.

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