Marriage is the most exciting part of every relationship – Charlton Escorts

It’s a holy sacrament that binds two people in love. I have married the love of my life, and my wife is my longtime crush and very happy to become his husband. I have courted him since we were high school and got her yes four years after. Yes, she was that hard to understand, and I know she’s different. But that’s what I know said by the girls from Charlton Escorts from It was a long journey to us; we have shared our ups and downs in life. She was, and that’s why I like her the most.

I love her smile, and it melts my heart. She has the prettiest and curve body I saw. She was beyond perfect to me. I love her because she’s my happiness. She loves to sing, and I’m in love with her voice. All the good and bad times we shared, we have each other. After a long time of courtship, she becomes my girlfriend. My love for her grows so much over time. She’s my queen and the mother of my princesses. Years passed on our relationship, I have proposed to her, and we tie a knot. I have known it because of these five signs and become suspicious along the way until I have the proof!!!


  1. If your wife doesn’t like you to kiss her

If you thought that your girl was not in the mood, that’s why she doesn’t want you to kiss, well better be suspicious said by the girls from Charlton Escorts. Girls love affection, especially the love of your life. You can sense it if she kisses you back look into the eyes, you can see the secret she’s trying to hide. If a person loves you, she never missed any kiss from you.


  1. Busy with phone

Always be observant of how she handles her cellphone. If you are with her and still working with her cell, you have to watch out, and maybe there is something she is texting/messaging. It would be best if you were the priority when the girls from Charlton Escorts around say.


  1. Your wife doesn’t want to intercourse

Remember that sex is part of the marriage life and know why she refuses you. Maybe she was looking for the other dish she has tasted. If she ignores you once, twice is okay what if she’s tired. But if she doesn’t do anything, and you initiate to make love and withdraw again, beware said by the girls from Charlton Escorts.

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