Happily married with a West Midland escort

The feeling that i felt for now for a West Midland escort of http://www.westmidlandescorts.com is so enormous. It’s because of the love and care she showed to me and my family and friends. Having a wife that so understands and patience is one of the best thing a man could ever have. She is a wife that loves everyone that i love too. I am not wrong of marrying her precious lady. I knew that she can be a good wife and mother to all our children’s. There are still lots of dreams i have to give to my wife. But before everything, my wife and i met in London. She works as a West Midland escort while me is just going back and forth there for a meeting. Actually i have no intentions of booking a West Midland escort, it must be destiny. I need a companion to go for an event in London, unfortunately my assistant cant come due to an emergency and she let me know late all of a sudden. I was so problematic but thankfully my assistant uses her head and book me an escort. West Midland escorts are known in the city, i heard lots of good things about them but due to lack of time i never bothered to book them. My assistant called me that she already booked me an escort, and i have to fetch her in the city. The first time i saw a West Midland escort i was really captivated by her. She has this amazing smile and beautiful face. The whole time i feel so nervous, and maybe i was love at first sight. I could not let go off my eyes over her. I knew that something in her is amazing. Such person is one of the best women i know in my life. She is the woman that reminds me that life is worth to be enjoyed. Since that day, i and West Midland escort get along together. I couldn’t take her off out of my head. Something in her is really special and i am so interested to know her more. I keep coming back to London, just to see her, talk to her, and create good memories with her. I could not stop but be in love with thos West Midland escort all over again. I’ve never been this crazy for a woman before, i have lots of acquaintances that there is no time for having a serious relationship. But this time, West Midland escort really caught my heart. A couple of months after, i pursued a West Midland escort and luckily she said yes to me. We have a lot of great times we spent together as a couple. I knew that for a year being with her things went well for us and i could not wait another time to propose. I propose right after our anniversary to a West Midland escort, she said yes and get married a month after. I am a married man now, we have three children’s and i could not ask for more than anything else.

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