It is okay to enjoy your sexual desires – London escorts

Before I became a sex therapist, I used to work for escorts in London. Not only did I have a great time, but I learned a lot as well. One of the things that I did know a lot about was the art of desire. We all have different desires, and the truth is that many men date London escorts from to fulfill their desires. There is nothing wrong with that, and I think that more of us should try to fulfill our sexual desires – there is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all.


After leaving escorts in London, I spent a couple of years of training as a sex therapist. It was interesting, and many of the people training with me knew very little. I soon appreciated that London’s escorts were the best training ground that you could have for this kind of work. One thing that most of the course participants were not comfortable talking about was their sexual desires. Most of them had a huge hang-up about their sexual desires and felt many times feel shy.


Me, on the other hand, knew that acting out your sexual desires, or speaking about them like we used to do at escorts in London, could be a delightful experience. Most of my fellow students were rather shocked how open I was about my sexual desires, and wanted to know why I had such a wealth of experience in people’s desires. To me, it was not a big deal telling people that I used to work for London escorts, but some of the other students were shocked. The lecturer smiled because I think she appreciated that I might make the ideal sex therapist.


After a couple of weeks of studying the subject, people became more open about their sexual desires. It did not matter at all, and I have to say that most of the participants were becoming increasingly relaxed about it. After all, how could we talk to people about their feelings if we could not talk about our own? By now, almost everybody was curious about London escorts and kept asking me what happened during a day at London escorts. Of course, every day at London escorts is unique, and we don’t have an average day.


Do I enjoy being a sex therapist? I do, and it would be fair to say that I love my job. My clients don’t know that I used to work for London escorts, but some say that I am the sexiest sex therapist they have ever met. I am glad that I stuck the course out, and that I had enough money to set up my practice here in London. I wonder if any of my former dates from London escorts will ever come knocking on my door.

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